No more tutorials this weekend =(

February 3, 2008

I had hoped to write two more NSV tutorials this weekend, but never got around to doing it.  I also did some programming, and read some more openGL tutorials(Nehe tutorials is a bit of a mess how they plant text and code inside each other) but nothing else major happened.

Well, back to school tomorrow 😦


New tutorials section, first NSV tutorial!

January 31, 2008

Ok, I have added an Tutorials section here, and will fill it out with some tutorials on using the streaming format NSV. I have the first tutorial up allready, go check it out 😛

EDIT: I managed to write yet another tutorial… I amaze myself ^^ Go check out how you can set up and make shoutcast ready to do some video streaming, in NSV tutorial Nr 2. 🙂

EDIT2: Believe it or not, I got up yet another tutorial. Now you can go ahead and stream the video files to the world and beyond, have fun 😉

Projects page

January 30, 2008

I have createded an Project page(See link at top) where I will insert the projects I’m a part of, and will keep the project pages updated with info, downloads and screenshots of a project. It’s a bit different from the portfolio, where I keep track of the process in short words. The project page is more of a general info to the user, and the Portfolio is the technical version 🙂

Well, thats mostly what I had the time to do today, I started a new game project yesterday, but I will wait untill the weekend to update it. Well, I’m back to read the last 100 pages of a book for tomorrow.

Have a good day 🙂

My blog, my home

January 29, 2008


I figured I just had to start a blog. So I found this really nice host(Thank you which give me good space and a lot of tools for editing.

I have allready set up an “about me” page, and started to write an “portfolio” where I write a bit about my two “major” projects.

I hope you all who stumble upon my blog will take a look around, and maybe give me a bit feedback on how I have it set up, comment some if you will 😉  I will update this blog now and then(Hopefully often) with stuff I’m working on and it’s progress.

have a nice day =)

P.S: i was NOT choosen for exam today, whoope 😉