Here I hope to put up stuff I have programmed, created or know how to use and have some experience in, so I can keep track of and it to show others.


  • Games:
    • Tic Tac Toe – My first ever application/game written in C++(Finished 2005 sometime)
  • Applications
  • Libraries
    • NSV Library – I was into the streaming stuff some time ago, and wanted to write a library for the NSV streaming format.(Still in development – Alpha phase)
  • Other
    • Legends Online – It was my first real attempt on an fully useable game engine. I never got past the editor part. I had the basics of rendering and an small editor. It used SDL, OpenGL and WxWidgets.

Other than this i have had a lot of projects I just started to test something, but never finished. I have tried to make two engines for myself, but both is still just a pile of code that isn’t finished, and that I probably never will finish. I also started some Homebrew programming for the Nintendo DS, and got it drawing stuff, but again I never finished it.

I do however learn from everything I do, even tough I don’t finish it. Experience is experience, no matter how you put it, you learn from your mistakes πŸ™‚


  • Programming Languages
    • HTML/CSSBasic, I have used basic HTML and CSS to make websites long ago, but don’t remember much.
    • PHP/MySQLBasic, I used a lot of PHP and MySQL databases some time ago, and this was the basis for my main programming. It has been some time since I used it, and I fear I don’t remember much of the PHP spesifics.
    • GML(GameMaker Language)intermediate, After doing some PHP and learning a bit of programming, I wanted to make something more interactive, like games. I didn’t want to jump on directly to the C languages, so I found a Free program called GameMaker, and was using it’s programming language(Very similiar to C) for about two years.
    • C/C++Intermediate, For three years(as of 2008) I have been using C and C++, making mostly things from simple text based applications(NSV tools), libraries(NSV Library) and some graphical tests using different libraries on the net. I have learned about Pointers, Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism and some on Templates.
    • AssemblyBasic, I like manny others who program, have had the dream of making a perfect operating system, or at least one who works like we want it to. Now, what is the firts problem when you try to do that? Oh, right, 30% of it has to be written in Assembly, and assembly is a pain to learn after learning C++. I went trough some tutorials learning ASM, but never really got the grasp of it other than making really simple programs.
  • Programming Libraries
    • C/C++
      • SDL Basic/Intermediate, I used SDL for quite a while and got used to most of it’s setting up video, timers and input. But I feel I can do at least most simple 2D games using SDL.
      • OpenGLBasic, I have just started learning OpenGL, and has so far used it only with SDL. I have yet to make anything 3D with it, and have keept it at hardware accelerated 2D graphics using flat planes and 2D textures.
      • DirectXNone, I have plans to dive into the Windows API and DirectX as soon as I start it at school, hopefully next year.
      • Irrlicht/Ogre3DBasic, I have stumbled upon both Irrlicht and Ogre3D for use as video renderers, but I have yet to try out their 3D capabilities, and have kept myself to 2D and trying to understand the basics of the engines.
      • WxWidgetsBasic, I have got the basic grasp of WxWidgets as an GUI library, and can make windows and most common widgets in a C++ enviroment using it, but I have yet to use it for larger projects.
      • zlib, png, ffmpeg etc.Intermediate, During my testing and experimenting with the C++ language I have used manny commong data/file manipulation libraries. zlib, libpng, libffmpeg and some others.
  • Programs
    • Visual C++Basic, Frankly, I don’t like this program, but I have used it and programmed/compiled C/C++ programs with it. I can set it up to compile libraries and simple programs. But I find it a bit of a mess and a little confusing for my taste.
    • Code::BlocksIntermediate, This is my favourite Graphical Interface to use when programming, and I know how to set up most parts of a compiling using this.
    • Mingw/Msys/GCCBasic, I use GCC as a compiler almost every time I program, but I have to confess that I know little about the commands to send to it other than the standard ones. I also use mingw/msys as a command line when compiling/configuring other libraries and programs from source.
    • PhotoshopBasic, I was into the hobby of making website design when I was learning PHP, and thus stumbled upon Photoshop. I got to know how to set up basic image manipulations, cutting, putting together etc.. After stopping with PHP I also stopped with web design. Except for some when I wanted to make an image for a game I was making(That never went the way I wanted it πŸ™‚ ), I never really used Photoshop again and has therefore not followed up on the latest version or taken my “education” anny further.
  • Homebrew – I have touched the homebrew scene now and then. I have programmed some for the GBA, the Nintendo DS and very little for the PSP. I actually find it a bit easier without all the layers of API between you and the hardware, but then again it’s so much easier to make a mistake, or meet a wall when working on a console.

The above list is mostly what I have tried to learn, and used within the last four og five years as I was learning programming, and some design. I might have left out something, but if I don’t remember it, I can’t really say I know how to work now can I. πŸ˜‰


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