Engine – Legends Online

Legends online was my first real attempt on a fully useable game enginde with editor to make the games. I had planned it to use a simple scripting language(I was looking at Anglecode) and an editor to make the games. It was to be mainly an online Coop adventure game engine.

While writing the engine I started out trying to map different .hpp files I needed, what needed to go where, and just wrote basic stuff I might have needed later. I wrote some image handler, renderer etc.
While writing the renderer I got stuck on a problem. I got it to draw tiles like it should, and make it possible to draw inside different views, but for some reason, the drawing was stuttering when scrolling in the view. I tried everything, vertical sync, fixed framerate, non-fixed framerate, and different attempts for double-buffering. None of it worked, and it stuttered at every computer i tested it on. I finally gave up the attempt and decided to rewrite the renderer, without using SDL to start up OpenGL(As thats where I think the problem was.)

I started to write the editor before continuing on the endinge, as I wanted to be avle to make at least simple maps and objects so I could finnish the world loader. It took me long time working trough WxWidegts manual and examples, getting to know how it worked and so on, as I didn’t want to dive into the Windows API, and I wanted it cross platform ready.
The editor actually came along quite nicely, but I used a lot of time to decide on how to make the editing and tiling parts of the editor work, and thus ended up being bored and tired of everything not working. The code also ended up being a mess, and I decided it might have been a bit out of my reach trying to make an engine while learning the libraries I was using.

I was also working alone, and things went by slowly. I did however learn a good deal of WxWidgets and some OpenGL out of it, so I don’t think it a complete waste, yet.

Since it became a failure, and I most likely won’t continue it as it became a mess, I will give out the source code here.
I will warn you though, I used intern paths to test files and hard coded numbers, so it will most likely not work out of the box. The code might also have been changed since I last compiled ut fully. But hopefully the editor should compile(You will need the wxWidgets dll’s tho) and the code is there. Have fun 🙂

Source: ZipRar


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