NSV Tutorials:

These tutorials is here to help you set-up and use Nullsoft streaming video.

Official NSV tools:

  1. Encoding your first videoTakes you trough the steps from getting and installing the tools, to encoding your first NSV file.
  2. Setting up shoutcast for video streaming All from getting shoutcast to setting up will be covered here.
  3. Streaming pre-encoded videoThe fun part, streaming to the world! Setting up the streaming tools, connecting to shoutcast, and setting up playlists!
  4. Setting up and streaming live encoded video – Using Nsvcap to stream live video. From start to end.
  5. Installing and setting up VP6, AACP and X264 codecs

Custom NSV Tools:
*Comming later*

Programming Tutorials:


  • Compiling Mozilla Gecko SDK Samples

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